3 Reasons Why You Need Public Relations


Public Relations

At Magnolia Marketing Communications – PR Firms Vancouver we major on public relations, and it is a big part of what we do. Anyone who has worked with us before is well aware of this fact. Traditional or digital public relations, we believe that it is an integral part of the integrated marketing communications puzzle. Public relations are a major part of our organizations although it is not defined appropriately and it is differently viewed in different groups.

Some questions are mostly raised when we inform persons on public relations. “What can public relations do for my organization and me? “How does investing in public relations directly affect sales?” All in all, we have to agree is that no matter how big and profitable business is it does need public relations.


Tiger Woods needed quite the PR team to get him out of his scandal


Reasons Why A Business Needs Public Relations

  1. Credibility increase- public relation is said to be better than when a company has third parties taking care of their endorsement either online or in the media. It is even better than the most expensive print ad money can buy. The most people today trust information they receive from blogs and online shoppers mostly buy stuff that has been recommended by the blogs they read.
  2. Creates awareness- people need a constant reminder for them to know a product. Seven is the approximate number of times a person needs to see a logo, company name or an advertisement to remember it or register it in their minds.
    Public relations are good for your bottom line- it is less costly for your company than the traditional way of advertising. It is more durable and has quite some benefits. A good media advertisement can make a brand quite renowned and create a high demand for it. This will give it good reviews and a great increase in sales.
  3. Public relations have good outcomes such as an increase in sales and monetary gain. It is a process that is continuous and should be seen as an investment in any organization. For future company success, a company should adopt public relations. public-relations-speech

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