Why Facebook Is Essential to Your B2B Marketing


Using business-to-business (B2B) in not a new trend on Facebook. However, it is becoming a more common marketing tool. In fact, Facebook is fast becoming the most robust platform based on a large number of users. When used correctly, the engagement levels and opportunities to target users is infinite.

Social Media Examiner founder, Michael Stelzner published “Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2015”. The survey compared almost 3,700 marketers from various businesses of all sizes. The report focused on LinkedIn and Facebook, the top two platforms. Forty-one percent of companies chose LinkedIn and thirty chose Facebook for lead generation. This article is an in-depth look at Facebook 2016. Many businesses are concerned that Facebook is not an appropriate social media marketing tool for their business.

Facebook In The Social Media Marketing World

However, there are two crucial reasons that businesses should utilize this avenue for marketing and lead generation.The first reason that companies should take advantage of Facebook is that there is an amazing degree of advertising intelligence contained in Facebook. Business can create a customized message that can focus on a highly targeted audience. This is then coupled with the powerful analytics that allows smarter decisions. Facebook is one of the most robust platforms a company can use to target their clientele; both potential and current. Consider that there are 1.55 billion users and one million are active each and every day.

Valerie Shoopman is the co-author of the number-one Amazon Best-Seller, The Book on Facebook marketing, about Facebook ad strategy. She stated ‘One of the strongest and highest return-on-investment (ROI) factors is the Facebook re-targeting that allows you to show ads only to people that have visited your website.’The second reason to utilize Facebook is their brand and reputation management. Take advantage of the strategies in place with companies such as Nike and TOM Shoes. This way you have insight on how to better your company to reach the largest amount of customers. If you don’t choose to place a business page on this platform, it means you are missing out on the largest social-media conversation. facebook-business-marketing

Megha Rodriguez (Social Enchantment) observed that there is far too much lost brand and reputation management contained in the B2B sector. She was quoted as saying ‘Brands that are not actively engaging with projects and clients are missing it. There are numerous ways to increase your effectiveness on Facebook. One of the most important is being cautious of shameless self-promotion; utilize strategic storytelling with value. There are a lot of people who are disenchanted listening to a raving tribe of fans and followers who don’t build value and instead go straight for sale. Megha advised ‘To make Facebook work for you; you must not try to fool your audience. You must be willing, to be honest, vulnerable and transparent. The social environment of Facebook rewards a certain rawness that we are never taught in business school.’ Remember to walk the fine line between unfiltered and transparent messages.

The Key To Success As A Facebook Marketer

The most successful Facebook marketers in 2016 thrive because they have mastered the art of storytelling and being a part of an approachable business culture.There are many new things in store for Facebook in 2016. The platform is rolling out Facebook Live Video. This feature allows mobile users to take center stage. At current, it is being introduced to iPhone users. One important thing to remember is that this part of Facebook with shift engagement opportunities. This is due to the explosive growth of live-stream channels such as Periscope, Blab, and Youtube Live. The video itself remains a big part of 2016. Last year, the number of videos from people and brands increased 3.6 times.

Another new for 2016 feature is the Facebook advertisement. According to the site, they continue to see the rise of the cost of advertising, and also the effectiveness of targeted reach. The services they can offer marketers is also increasing as well. Valerie pointed out ‘The newest thing on the Facebook platform that has people talking is the new Lead Gen ads. It is lowering the cost to acquire new leads and works extremely well with mobile.’ Remember there is a lot of power when you utilize Facebook advertising for your business. In conclusion, many of the 2016 Facebook trends have shifted to mobile. This is the fastest grow area of not only Facebook but all social media platforms. facebook-macbook-marketing