Are you an ‘imagineer’?

November 30, 2012 Business Technology 0 Comments

<h4>Collaboration across the supply chain is needed to bring new technologies to life.</h4>
<img src=”” alt=”” width=”239″ height=”360″ />November 30, 2012 – The founders of GaN Systems, Girvan Patterson, John Roberts and Geoff Haynes swept up – like many of our contemporaries – by the electronics revolution of the late Sixties are still surfing the semiconductor wave. And now, with strong North American venture capital funding, GaN Systems is launching yet another new technology.

The company’s novel approach to the design of transistors – built in a thin layer of gallium nitride on the surface of a silicon wafer – promises to dramatically reduce the cost of generation, conversion, distribution and control of the 55 billion kWh of electrical power consumed daily around the world.

Technologies like this face a conundrum – they don’t become economical until adopted in high volume. The task, therefore, is to collaborate with companies across the manufacturing chain to accelerate this process. Designs must evolve as new semiconductor processes mature.

New packaging solutions must support faster speeds, higher power dissipation and harsher environments. Novel circuit topologies are required to realise the promised performance. Higher frequency and temperature demand more of companion inductors and capacitors. System advantages must be proven and demonstrated. These challenges span the gamut of engineering disciplines.

While GaN Systems’ original ideas were born in Canada, the UK offers a perfect environment for their gestation. An innovative supply chain supports international companies with talented local design teams; strong trade associations underpinned by government funding are fuelling research and development collaborations with excellent universities.

The stream of constant change that has propelled our careers will undoubtedly continue to accelerate. Now, more than ever, companies need inspiration from the next generation of “imagineers”. They have a unique talent to share – they don’t know what can’t be done.

If you are a student passionate about building the future from the discoveries of your fellow pure scientists, strive to engage with the industrial world as early as you can. You can make a real contribution to industry during the summer vacation or even during your course. If your thirst for knowledge attracts you to postgraduate study, seek sponsorship from a prospective employer and start to drive the future of our exciting industry.

Dream to change the world.