Fincad Taps Cloud Power for Real-Time Risk Analytics

Matt Streeter-Headshot

Matthew Streeter, FINCAD

Author: Faye Kilburn

Source: Inside Market Data | 24 Jul 2013

Canadian derivatives valuation and risk management software provider Fincad is making a number of compute and capacity enhancements to its F3 analysis platform, to support more complex pricing and analytics requirements among buy- and sell-side firms — which use the platform to price and perform risk calculations for derivatives — to meet the demands of new regulations, such as Dodd Frank and Basel III.

At last month’s SIFMA Technology exhibition in New York, Fincad demonstrated real-time, cloud-based computation of value-at-risk (VAR), leveraging real-time data from Thomson Reuters, in response to client demand for more frequent risk calculations following the release of version 4.0 of the tool in April.

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