International Payments Made Simple

December 1, 2015 Financial Operations

International Payments Made Simple

The international payments landscape is changing rapidly, driven by the increasing use of mobile devices and ongoing technology sophistication. As the environment continues to evolve, consumers are encountering user experiences on their electronic devices that are more intuitive and agile, heightening expectations for enterprises to conduct business in a similar digital format. Banking services are no exception.

In this article, penned by Cambridge Global Payments’ COO, Anil Sawrup, you will learn about the significant cost savings and human resource efficiencies that can be achieved when international payments are optimized by technology. Key elements of an effective electronic payments solution include:

  • Robust country-specific bank routing and regulatory data validation
  • Intuitive, agile web-based user interface with mobile device access
  • Ease of integration with existing accounting systems (e.g., SAP; Oracle; Microsoft Dynamics)
  • SWIFT and in-country payments with straight-through processing support
  • Secure, scalable solution from partial to full payments automation

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