Colt to Offer Cloud Management Services From Siaras

May 5, 2016 SDxCentral

Startup Siaras has won a deal with Colt, which provides data center hosting in Europe and Asia.

Colt will offer Siaras’s cloudScape to customers that want to access cloud services from multiple providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

CloudScape will be available to Colt’s data center customers in June, giving them the ability to access both private and public clouds.

“CloudScape is a software platform we deploy in various ways,” says Siegfried Luft, Siaras CTO. “In the case of Colt, we’re making a physical deployment in their facilities. CloudScape creates an overlay cloud – a cloud of clouds – and then we manage a wide variety of under-clouds. We make all clouds look like OpenStack clouds.”

“It provides a way for enterprises to simplify access to multiple clouds without having to put all that into place themselves,” says Siaras CEO Vivek Ragavan. “We’re using Colt facilities to stand up that service. Colt likes it because it gets more customers in their hosting sites.”

CloudScape is based on OpenStack. In addition to working with AWS and Azure, Siaras works with IBM SoftLayer. And Google is on its roadmap. “We also support VMware as a type of under-cloud,” says Luft.

Siaras also manages all the “exotic services” that various public clouds have, says Luft. “If you want to deploy a project inside SoftLayer, but from that want to access Amazon Glacier cloud storage in Ireland, we allow you to define two native under-clouds. We can enable a Glacier service to someone in SoftLayer.”

In its arrangement with Siaras, Colt is using its own data center assets and sales force to offer cloudScape to enterprise customers.

Luft says Siaras’s competitors include CliQr, which has been purchased by Cisco, and Scalr.

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