SureWerx Consolidates U.S. Operations

September 14, 2017 The Greensheet

By: Sarah Hollander

Vancouver-based SureWerx — a supplier of professional tools, equipment and safety products — has announced an expansion and consolidation plan for its American arm. The company will be known in the U.S. marketplace as SureWerx USA Inc.

Subsidiaries American Forge & Foundry Inc. (Guilderland Center, NY) and the Sellstrom Manufacturing Co. (Elgin, IL) will be integrated and merged. Elgin will serve as the U.S. headquarters for all corporate operations and distribution, as well as a platform for continued growth.

SureWerx USA brands include: American Forge & Foundry, Sellstrom, PeakWorks, Pioneer, KneePro and Ranpro. Primary end markets include the automotive aftermarket, as well as the industrial and construction industries.

Similar to SureWerx in Canada, the company’s new footprint in the United States will allow it to be a premier single-source supplier, CEO Chris Baby said. “This includes the ability to produce one program, one invoice and more cost-savings to our distributor partners,” Baby said. “Both Canada and the U.S. divisions are also creating synergy with large investments in the digital space. New digital tools are coming soon that we think will truly maximize the ideal customer experience.”

SureWerx, previously known as the Jet Group, acquired American Forge & Foundry in 2000 and Sellstrom in 2015. The company is owned by Penfund, a Canadian private equity firm.

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