What Would a Great Hotel for a Business Conference Look Like?

February 9, 2017

By: Khristine Calimoso.

Nothing compares to a well-executed business conference but a lot goes into the preparation, particularly picking the perfect hotel for your venue. There’s a lot more to it than room layout or look. So, through trial and error working on our event planning projects at Magnolia, here’s what I’ve learned to look for when selecting a great hotel for our clients’ business conferences:

What Would a Great Hotel for a Business Conference Look Like? Blog Banner

1. Responsive – most, if not all, hotels should have a 24-hour or less response time. As a client, you should not be the one constantly calling or emailing the catering manager. A great hotel will respond to your questions and needs in a professional and timely manner, without the need for any follow up. So, if you’re contacting venues and getting no response, don’t pursue them for information. They’re not the right fit for you or your conference. 

2. Goes above and beyond – don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need. Clarification of cancellation policies, parking details and food inquiries are normal. A great hotel will gladly answer any and all questions you have to ensure your conference goes off without a hitch. Not to mention, they should be willing to accommodate your needs as best they can (as long as your request isn’t too extravagant or eccentric). So go ahead and ask for your favorite kettle chips that aren’t featured on the menu – it’s a sure bet the hotel chef will create those just for your party!

3. Detailed – with so many emails and phone calls between both parties, information can easily be lost. A great hotel will always have a very detail-oriented catering or business manager that will double check all the details on your final invoices and contract. But be aware, hotel systems that populate the invoices with the contact details can be very finicky so make sure you check each and every single detail of every document you receive before moving forward.

Does your hotel of choice tick all these boxes? Then congratulations you may have found the right venue for your next conference.