Importance of Using Newswires

June 22, 2017

Guest Blog: David Armitage, Marketing Specialist, Business Wire

In an era when the term ‘fake news’ has become synonymous in popular culture with a distrust of the media and sources of information, newswires play a pivotal role in ensuring trusted information can be delivered securely and accurately to media outlets worldwide.

There is an erosion in public confidence that the information available for consumption is credible and reliable. People are placing less trust on the facts being communicated to them, with many increasingly questioning the reliability and stability of stories being shared, whether maliciously or neglectfully.

It then becomes of particular importance to companies, brands, and the managers of factual information to ensure that their news and content is getting distributed through channels where the accuracy and trustworthiness of information isn’t being compromised at the expense of security or dependability. There is an overwhelmingly increasing demand for access to truthful content, and newswires play a critical role in transmitting accurate news quickly and reliably.

Press releases help organizations get their trusted news in front of the audiences brands are seeking. Whether targeting influencers, the media, or specifically targeted segments of the population by interest or geography, we have the capability to ensure your news is being amplified and optimized for the audiences that matter most to your organization.

News distributed through newswires also ensure journalists have sources of information that speak directly to the credibility of the information being passed on to audiences. From a PR perspective, having the confidence to ensure the key messaging journalists are receiving is coming directly from an official source increases the chances that an organization’s news is being talked about in ways that doesn’t dilute the spirit of the original communication.

In today’s connected age, having the confidence that your message is reaching your intended distribution platforms also means newswires play a critical role in providing PR pros with measurable and quantifiable information on how your news is getting out into the market, and also greater insight on who’s reading it. Whether understanding who’s reading your stories through social media channels, which media sources are picking up news from your press releases, or quantifying traffic and interactions with your stories, Business Wire produces a suite of audience measurement tools designed to ensure organizations can confidently track engagement and visibility of their news as it gets distributed.

Ask how Business Wire amplifies your press releases and find out why we are a trusted and reliable source for distributing news to the audiences that matter most to you.