How Nice of a Canadian are you, really? Take our Survey to Find Out

June 15, 2017
How Nice of a Canadian are you really? Take our Nice Survey and help a Charity Win a Chance at $10,000!


With Canada’s 150th anniversary nearing, Magnolia is joining in on the celebration and showing our proud patronage at work. Of course, this will be done the Magnolia way of displaying our creativity and giving back to a charity – all in the spirit of being a proud and nice Canadian.

We’ve created a simple and fun survey to put your Canadian niceness to the test. Take the survey here to determine if you are you a Mild Moose, Polite Beaver, Grumpy Grizzly, Mean to the Bone Goose or Goody Goody Beluga.

How does it work? If 500 participants take part in our survey by June 30th, Magnolia will donate $500 to Oceans Research and Conservation Association (ORCA) and Ocean’s Initiative Program. In turn, the Canadian charity is automatically entered into the Great Canadian Giving Challenge draw to win $10,000 on July 1st. How cool would that be for the charity to get that grand prize?

ORCA is our charity of choice because we strongly believe the harmony that needs to exist between our environment and the wildlife on our earth. With the recent uproar of Paris Agreement discord between the U.S. and the rest of the UN countries, it’s the right time to focus on protecting our marine life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, salmon & seabirds, in Canada and beyond.

Join us in showing your Canadian patriotism while exercising your Canadian niceness in the process. Don’t forget to take the survey here and spread the word!