Top 2018 B2B PR & Marketing Communications Trends – Magnolia’s Take

December 14, 2017

By: Phoebe Yong

With 2017 coming to a close, what’s on the horizon for PR and Marketing Communications in 2018? Personalization and customized content will continue to play strong part in how we communicate with media and customers. The trends revolve around spending the required time to tailor personalized content that addresses their pain points and how to solve them. Read on for Magnolia’s take on B2B PR and MarCom trends for 2018:

Public Relations

  • Finding Creative Tactics for Media Relations – As news rooms continue to shrink journalists are becoming increasingly selective in the content they choose to publish. In 2018, B2B industries will have to develop creative and innovative methods of media pitching in order to gain journalist’s interest by including visual content such as embedded video and images in their pitches.

Marketing Communications

  • Social Media – Always top of mind, LinkedIn will continue its position in B2B social media. Placing interactive and user-friendly content which will enable businesses to connect with their consumers and internal stakeholders alike. In order to do so, businesses will have to ensure all content is mobile-friendly and engaging by utilizing tools such as interactive videos or polls within their PR strategies.
  • Data Driven Marketing – As B2B businesses concentrate on customer-focused marketing, data driven technologies will become a crucial element in analyzing consumer patterns and experiences in order to improve marketing strategies. Marketers will be able to further analyze specific purchasing habits in order to tailor content and marketing strategies to directed audiences through the use of data driven technologies.
  • Interactive Content – Video will be an integral piece of all marketing communications strategies in 2018. The interactivity of video content and visual stimulus will greatly support key messaging of B2B businesses by encouraging engagement across various marketing platforms.
  • Customized Content – In 2018, marketing communications will have to produce customized content in order to further reach target audiences. In doing so, businesses will be able to identify and acknowledge specific purchasing habits and interests of its consumers. Directed and personalized content will ultimately encourage engagement and increase consumer satisfaction among target audiences in the B2B market.