Public Relations

Including Media Relations and Media Training

Our clients come to us with a very common scenario – “the best kept secret” syndrome.

They have the best product or service, but nobody knows about them, or they need help telling their customers why they have a great product or service. We work with our clients to not only share their message, but to also craft compelling, relevant stories that reporters will appreciate. This is where Magnolia shines: the innate ability to filter out the fluff to get to the “so what?” and determine the real story.

Harnessing the power of publicity to create buzz for your business is what we do best.

Our ability to pitch top traditional media outlets (The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BNN), land speaking vertical opportunities, or drive conversation through social media channels means our clients get the results they need. Consistent, meaningful coverage in the media outlets that matter.

Our Program includes:

  • Messaging tree – this is a critical part of our Public Relations Program: developing consistent, relevant messaging to target audience (s).
  • Media strategy and planning – having a clear roadmap on where you are heading strategically and ensuring it’s aligned with your corporate strategy is part of a well-defined program.
  • Press release program – Part of the strategy is developing consistent, relevant news that our clients can issue to achieve top of mind with their stakeholders; we can help write and distribute releases.
  • Customizing media lists – know your audience and their beat when it comes to media.
  • Securing speaking opportunities at conferences and special events – we continuously write winning speaking proposals to top conferences for our clients.
Be ready for your next media interview.

Everyone loves a good story. But do you know how to tell yours in an interview to get the maximum benefits while avoiding the pitfalls? Do you know what it means to be “sound bite” ready? That’s where Magnolia media training comes in.

Our media training packages are tailored to the needs of our clients. Ranging from half-day to multi-day sessions, this customized approach helps build your brand’s credibility and establishes you as a thought leader in your industry, while avoiding serious and embarrassing mistakes.

We help you get your message across, and make sure you are confidently prepared for any media situation. Our trainers are experienced, respected journalists who know all the tricks of the trade. We bring the cameras, set the stage, and support you throughout the entire process.

We focus on:

  • Corporate message development – all the do’s and don’ts, including how to handle aggressive interviews and how to bridge and transition.
  • Realistic on-camera and phone interview scenarios – hands-on practice sessions in front of a camera with experienced news professionals.