Social Media Marketing: Benefits and Advantages


Some entrepreneurs and marketing experts often see social media as a fad. These experts suggest that consumers should get on board with social media until the ‘next big thing’ comes along. And if you explore large social media outlets like Myspace that have come and gone, these experts could be right. The social media being used most by consumers will only remain popular for as along as there is a massive consumer interest. Social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others, will only survive and thrive if consumers continue to interface and remain connected with them.

This does not mean that social media itself will go away. There are enough customers around the world with access to computers, that will allow social media to survive and thrive. And while social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others may go through their phases of growth, the fact is that social media of some sort will always be a part of our everyday lives. In today’s technological world where most consumers own computers, laptops, tablets, cell telephones and other forms of communication, there is always a way to access social media outlets.

Social media is ever changing according to the rise and fall of the different media outlets being discovered and used within today’s society. However, it has too many benefits and advantages for both the small business owner and larger corporations, for it to be dismissed into thin air as if it were not important within today’s society. social-media-marketing-setup

Listed below are some of the benefits and advantages of social media advertising:

Increased Brand Invisibility

While times have changed with regards to advertising, there are many statistics which show that social media is here to stay. Although these studies indicate that commercials are still the best way to advertise, there is evidence that social media can increase your brand’s visibility by as much as 50%. Many years ago, people used television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other venues to get the word out about their products and services. Today social media is used to get the word to millions of consumers within seconds and is often considered to be more cost efficient.

Social media outlets are focused on the younger generation primarily as an efficient advertising audience. In this generation where television is seen as being old fashioned, the social media outlets like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have now become more advantageous for this population. And now the older generation is learning through their younger grandchildren, who are more than willing to help grandma communicate with the outside world. This leads to an advertising boom for young and old ineffective communication about what is going on around the world.

Improves Brand Loyalty

The new technology of social media outlets, allows the public to get involved with marketing campaigns like never before. From videos going viral on youtube to all of the tweets and retweets on Twitter to skyping your business partner or loved one, social media in every aspect of life is evolving. The everyday consumer is allowed to be the next hero, after bringing forth the next video that explodes while selling over 1 million products. These consumers will always remain loyal to themselves. This improves social media as an advantageous outlet because people will never get tired of talking about themselves and others that are closest to them.

Social media has become the new advertising format, that does not look like traditional advertising. Advertisements written within social media are more personal because they often include everyday people. Consumers will remember what is going on with a funny app or a particular youtube advertisement rather an old fashioned magazine or newspaper. Statistics have shown that a person’s attention span is about 130 characters. Social media messages are quick and to the point with regards to content, which is what makes it so popular and successful among consumers. Social media allows the consumer to become engaged in the selling of the product while allowing the consumer to become a part of the success of the product.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Advertising

In the past when magazines, books, radio, television and other venues were more widely used, companies had to make sure that there were concrete buildings in which to work from. Social media does not require this. Consumers can set up a youtube video that can go viral for free. The only thing that it will take is time. With this being said, social media is by far less expensive than the old traditional advertising of the past. Many social media outlets allow you to sign up for free while giving you an avenue in which to sell your product or service with little to no cost. Venues like YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media outlets, allow you to sell your products for profit. These outlets offer multiple media streams of income if you have a large profit margin, or if you have a large number of followers. They do this by allowing you to gain more revenue through advertising their brand names to your followers.

If you are a small business owner or a large corporation, social media will benefit your advertising. With a message for the world that is concise and to the point, this booming industry has taken the world by storm. And while there may be many different outlets that will come and fade away, the idea of social media is here to stay. Facebook, Tumblr, Google, youtube, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others have all done their part in developing products and services, that can now be sold to the everyday consumer. social-media-apple-marketing

The benefits of social media outlets are endless. Advertising through cost effective means, teaching an older generation about new technology, keeping the younger population that is no longer into the television fad abreast of what is going on in our world, allowing companies to have a larger brand visibility and quickly to get advertisement messages to the world within a matter of seconds, are all that social media has to offer. All of this makes social media the best way to advertise and communicate to consumers for any forum.

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