5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Crucial

The world has changed in almost every professional sector. None more so than marketing. Whether it is running a fundraiser for your child’s school, a Kickstarter for your business, or even an ad for your new product. Social media has, for lack of a better term, taken our world hostage. If you are a traditionalist, this might be unsettling, but keep in mind that there are more reasons every day that social media is changing the marketing game and for the better.


Here Are The 5 Reasons:

    1. Demographic target. Social media is no longer just for teens and twenty-somethings. Parents and grandparents are on Facebook and Twitter now. It is not necessary to even separate these demographics into categories.
    2. Ease. Between desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets getting any message to the world have never been easier. Stable connection and something to say is all you need to market your ideas or products.
    3. International markets. We are living in a great time and nothing could or should stop a company from going global. It is possible to market not only from across continents but, with translating apps, across languages.
    4. Cost. Gone are the days where you would have to rely on radio and television ads for major marketing. While these mediums are still highly useful and should not be ignored, when a company is just starting out or breaking into a new market, social media is the more viable option. While it depends on the service, most social media marketing is cheap or free.
    5. This last one might be a bit harder to explain. There are some business owners or marketing heads that don’t want the limelight. In the Vancouver social media marketing scene, it is possible to bypass many of the once frightening aspects of marketing; the full meetings, the lunches/brunches, and nerve-wracking presentations.


To Conclude

We are at the forefront of a wide open frontier as far as doing business is concerned. Anything and everything are possible with social media marketing.


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