Vancouver Nightlife Guide

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In Western Canada, Vancouver is a beautiful metropolis city, with both tourist destination places to go to and outdoor things to do for all ages. The Coast Mountain ranges are ideal for whale watching. You can take a tour in the Pacific Ocean. It’s a great place for backpackers and luxury travelers. (See It’s also a great city to live in. Opt to fly in through the Abbotsford International Airport. It’s located 60 miles from the city center, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the case of USA flyers. In fact, the bulk of domestic and cargo traffic in Canada (West) is handled by the Vancouver International Airport. It’s a large congested airport by all means.

Tourists for America, come in through the US / Canada side either by train, bus, or car, plus there are ferry and boat services available. They are at the Port Metro Vancouver. There are abundant terminals which are both international and American. With the plenty of terminals and mild climate, wearing warm clothing is best. If you visit the city during the winter time. The growing season is between February throughout May, where you’ll see plenty of rain showers here and there.

There are lots of things to do with the family. If you have children, the best thing to do is do stuff in the day time. Although, the family should be out in the day, while adults go out at night because of the high traffic night life that Vancouver is known to have and is reputable in having until the wee hours of dawn. vancouver-night

The Vancouver Nightlife Overview

The after-hours nightlife in Vancouver is nothing to part ways with without experiencing it first hand. There are several things to do once the sun goes down.

The performing art avenues are widely open. The Orpheum Theatre, and the Queen Elizabeth Complex which is reputable and some famous Opera Houses are a few places to wonder off to. Theatre Under the Stars at Stanley Park is frequented by travelers world wide. There’s plenty of water holes and bars/pubs to go to as well. Especially the abundant bars in the Downtown Vancouver area. It’s prime for those lounges, and at Granville Street and Gas Town, as well as Yale Town. These are a few of many places to go to.

Some of the splendid countryside views that you can go to are visiting Westin Bayshore and the restaurant Lift for some exotic splendor. Some other places are Water Street, Granville Street, and Pender Street in Vancouver which is known to be upscale. Plus they have plenty of jazz festivities, and moreover, it’s a fantastic tourist attraction for gays/lesbians as well. vancouver-dj

Clubs In Vancouver

It has plenty of bars, but also the casino. It’s one area that has some of the biggest casino clubs, race courses, betting stations and lots more. The vibrant connection that are amongst the locales are cherished by those that love to indulge the frequent travelers, that’s the locale vibes. With a round of roulette. The casino trip is a must. So, remember, any day of the week in Vancouver is a casino day. The 100-odd casino places to go to, the following are the few to put your gamble on.

River Rock Casino Resort which is the grand-daddy of the casino place to go to in Vancouver. There are more than 1,000 casinos in this area. Plus, there’s a who array of tables to wage money on. VIP rooms are afforded there as well. The bright hues and the ambiance, the luxury looks of the casino as well are something to experience.

There’s plenty of clubs, and when you go to these clubs, there’s raging dances and hotspots that some people swear that they’ve seen a celebrity or two. For the most part, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy a fun thrilling and exciting night experience when on vacation in Vancouver. One of the hot spots is the bar hop of a lifetime that includes the Granville Street’s District of entertainment experiences. It includes the Roxy. The Vancouver institution with live entertainment and brings many to wonder why the lines are so long if you don’t get there early. vancouver-nightclub

Too Much To See and Do

Also, located on the Seawall is the Edgewater Casino. It’s a subdued entertainment jaunt where you can experience with the entire family. The restraining of flamboyance and the large false creek in the back setting with the chances to play roulette and backgammon are some things that you can do before you dine in before going to your resort or hotel room and call it a night.

Another place is the Plaza of Nations which is located in the World Exposition Center of Vancouver. It’s a skyscraper with restaurants, amphitheaters, concert halls, casino, and much more. You can also go to the marina where you can enjoy the boat paddling and cruises.
It’s an all in one gambler’s paradise for big fun and huge winnings; the gaming area is fully furnished and has an area where you can bet on horse races. Barbecues and buffets and if you’re tired of Vancouver’s gambling scene, jump into the next town over such as the Grand Villa Casino and the Gateway Casino in Burnaby, and the Starlight Casino in Westminster.

Furthermore, places like Stanley Park which is one of the best tourist attractions in Canada is one of the best forest preserves known in the Northern America. You and your loved ones can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through it. There’s beautiful cricket grounds and rose orchards for a romantic retreat. There’s plenty of shopping destinations. And finally, the Capilano Suspension Bridge tour is perfect for kayaking which can be done in the Indian Arm wilderness water stretch.

Finally, you can not leave with out visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery when you go to Vancouver; it’s an entire destination that deserves to be experienced with those who believe in traveling the great outdoors, going through a beautiful culture, a lively history, and musical vibes all in one.

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