Vancouver: A Travellers Insight

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Vancouver is one of the most underrated tourist spots in the world. Whether it is a rich business man, who wishes to get away and enjoy the mysticism of nature, or a lone adventurer, on the hunt for some action; this is one place that fits the interests of everyone who visits. Vancouver is a town with a lot of buzz throughout the year, with numerous festivals during every season. Exotic beaches, spectacular mountains, fun-filled parties with heart-throb action are a smattering of what a tourist can always expect from a creative hub like Vancouver.vancouver-water

When To Go

Any time of the year is a special time to visit the city of Vancouver. However, spring and autumn are the more tourist-frequented periods of the year.

Spring begins in early March, as do internationally acclaimed festivals; drawing people from all over the world. Who flock to fabulous and colorful events such as the International Dance Festival and the Vancouver Sun Run, both held through spring lasting until May.

Summer extends from June to August in Vancouver, simultaneously being a high time for more festivals and outdoor activities. To regulate the capacity of tourists, hotels raise their lodging prices, which is the only downside to this visiting time.

September to November is the autumn travel time, and second only to spring for the best time to visit and enjoy the peace of Vancouver. The hotel rates descend at this time, making it an attractive getaway for beachgoers until the surrounding mountains get covered in ice.

Winter season starts in December and lasts until February. While the Santa Clause Parade and the Festival of Lights are there to engage people in fun-filled activities; there are snow clad mountains and steep hills to please individuals who thirst for skiing and winter sporting adventure.

Where To Go

Vancouver itself is gorgeous with beautiful beaches, maple tree parks, museums, art galleries etcetera. Though there are a lot of attractions in and around the city, there are some places that should not be missed at any cost if visiting Vancouver.

  1. Grouse Mountain
    This is a four-season attraction point located at about 3500’ above sea level. Affording a breathtaking view of the ocean, cityscape, islands, and the mountains while ascending to the top. Refuge for Endangered Wildlife housing timber wolves, and bear cubs are located there, as is the Theatre in the Sky which provides an eagle’s eye view of Southwest British Columbia. Hiking, helicopter tours, lumberjack show, and paragliding are the main attractions when the weather is agreeable. However, winter is the best time for visitors to engage in many activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sleigh rides.
  2. Gulf Islands National Park Reserve
    A group of fifteen islands that is just a ferry boat ride away from Vancouver beholds one of nature’s most beautiful park reserves in the world. The locals, as well as the tourists, enjoy sporting activities like kayaking, camping, and hiking in the Gulf Islands. One excellent feature that attracts travelers from all over the world is the exotic marine life of this island that includes: coral reefs, whale watching locations, sea seals, and oysters.
  3. Fort Langley
    This fort was built about fifty years before the city of Vancouver was created. When the America’s was buzzing with gold rush fever, this city was on the trail as an essential stop and business post in 1858. People can also get to know the important processes, and methods involved in traditional barrel making and blacksmithing. While also being historically famous for cultural performances and a rich history.
  4. Doctor Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden
    This place was selected as the Top City Garden by National Geographic in 2011 and also holds a reservation on the list of “1000 places to see before you die”. It exhibits the traditions and culture of 15th century China; while being the only one outside of China depicting their rich culture and devotion to the concept of yin-yang.
  5. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
    This is another significant stop on the tour of Vancouver. One of the most thrilling experiences is to take a walk on this century old, 70m high and 135m long suspension bridge over the Capitan River. The Treetops Adventures offers a ride over suspension bridges that are 100 feet above ground level, all attached to big old trees; an interesting tidbit, all the staff is dressed in 1890s attire.
  6. Chinatown, Granville Island, Kitsilano, West End, Commercial Drive, Punjabi Market, and Gas town are some of the other spots that cannot be missed and are always a part of the local tour packages. vancouver-capilano

Getting Around

There are a lot of transit systems available for every purpose, as well as affordable to travelers. Translink is Vancouver’s transit system with rail lines, bus services, and ferry trips to offer to any tourist. Skytrain is the best option to get around the city and downtown, because of the spectacular views it has to offer on almost every trip. More to the point, this service is completely automatic, and one can find the local travel worry free in these trains, though there is no driver, thanks entirely to their excellent safety standards.The best option to travel via water is to take the AquaBus service or the False Creek Ferries that are available all day. The greater city of Vancouver is divided into three fares zones, and most of the transit systems are wheelchair accessible.


Vancouver offers an exotic food experience for every kind of palette. There are lots of oyster bars, waterfront restaurants, Canadian cuisine, beer joints, breweries and traditional Chinese restaurants, peppered throughout the city and in nearby places.

Hawks worth and Blue Water can provide the best upscale dining experience, while La Quercia and Wildebeest are best for casual dining. Blue Water is also the best place to enjoy seafood, and its raw bar is one place to try Vancouver’s most acclaimed beers and wines. Dim Sum restaurants like Dynasty or the Jade can offer excellent bite-sized traditional Chinese dishes. Restaurants in Chinatown offer some of the more delicious moon cakes and roasted duck ever tasted. The Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant is also a place to visit and offers an exotic view along with the international cuisines.


The culture in Vancouver is diversified in that 52% of the total residents are not native English speakers, despite English being the official language. About 25% of the population is comprised of Chinese and Filipinos, and South Asian people occupy 6% of the total population. Other significant cultures include the First Nations, Inuit, Korean, Japanese, and Latin America.

Almost everyone speaks English, and everyone is very friendly; willing to give a brief synopsis of their history and culture to anyone who asks about it. One obvious cultural factor is the legalization of gay marriage, giving an air of acceptance.

The best place to shop in Vancouver would be the Metropolis in Metrotown, located just outside of Vancouver, BC. With over four-hundred stores, it has everything ranging from fashionable clothing, accessories, restaurants, theaters, etcetera. It is very easy to reach from downtown with the SkyTrain.

Another feature for shoppers is in Chinatown where exotic and traditional products like linen, silk, furniture, herbals, and utensils can be bought.


Vancouver is a place that never runs out of the next thing when it comes to experience. Plenty fit the bill on land, water and in the air. Kayaking, sea cave explorations, observing whales and seals, and fast racing between steep cliffs. Rainforest walks, camping, zip lines, ATV tours, bungee jumping and a whole lot more are available to an avid adventurer on land as well. In winter, skiing, snowboarding, and other adventurous sports are there to satisfy those who wish to experience icy sports. Paragliding is the ultimate adventure for any who want to go further in their exploratory ways.

Events and Festivals

Vancouver is a city of activities, festivals, and parties; there is always an event that everyone must go to. Numerous festivals like the International Dance Festival, Vancouver Sun Run, the Pride Walk, will all be happening at some point during the year. Art exhibitions and musical performances are also happening all through the year, making fun and entertainment an easy thing to come by in Vancouver.

Not To Miss

The seasonal festivals, panoramic of: water, city, and mountains, winter sports, adventure activities, art galleries, the shopping experience, the SkyTrain, exotic foods, colorful marine life, beautiful beaches, beers and wines, when it comes to filling a checklist with things to do, Vancouver has more than ample things to fill it with.


Unexplored Locations

Despite being flocked to by tourists the year round, Vancouver is a place that still has mysteries to uncover. The rainforests, coral reefs, sea caves, and underwater marine life are still holding secrets to be revealed. Getting involved in these adventures will always leave a feeling of satisfaction behind for any traveler.

All in all, Vancouver is a place where everyone can do what their heart desires. Nature, culture and diversified lifestyle experience will leave a permanent imprint on anyone’s memories who visit Vancouver.

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